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About The Family Nest Egg Book & 21-day Bootcamp

Your family matters to me.

I know how hard it is to build long-term wealth and security when you’re busy working and taking care of your loved ones. You need a proven strategy and action plan that will lay out the steps you can take to transform your finances and you need it to be easy! Hey, I get it!

As a Family Trust Attorney for the last 10 years, I have helped thousands of families build long-term wealth and security. And as a parent myself, I realize that it is not always easy when you’re juggling so many different things. Over the years, I have seen so many families struggle because they feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to go about this and who they can trust to help them. They usually put it off…which is the worst thing you can do!

That is why I wrote the book, The Family Nest Egg, and created the 21-Day Family Nest Egg Bootcamp which has all the steps you need to begin. In less than a month, you will develop a realistic budget, know what you need to do to create an estate plan, and learn investment and tax-saving concepts that can make all the difference.

I believe that every family can transform their finances and it is easy to begin. First, start your 21-Day Bootcamp by registering today. Next, learn and implement one new life-changing financial strategy each day. Yes, it’s that simple.

So, start the 21-Day Bootcamp today, so you can stop the overwhelm and start taking the action steps necessary to feel empowered.

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Laura Meier will educate and empower your employees to take the steps necessary to build long-term wealth and security for their loved ones, by sharing practical strategies she has used as a family trust lawyer to help thousands of families transform their finances. She understands how employees’ financial wellbeing is critical to their job performance, ability to focus, and retention within your organization.

As a proud parent of four great kids, Laura is also an author of THE FAMILY NEST EGG (Penguin Random House and Diversion Books, Jan. 2021) and GOOD PARENTS WORRY, GREAT PARENTS PLAN(2014), podcast host of If Life Were Perfect, and she and her husband, Joshua Meier, Esq., own the Meier Law Firm.

She brings all this experience into every corporate presentation to help your employees build the confidence they need to take control of their finances and prepare for unexpected life events.

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In The Family Nest Egg: The Complete and Proven Financial Guide to Building Long-Term Wealth and Security estate planning attorney and parent Laura Meier provides a breakthrough program of inspiring real-life stories and time-tested legal, financial, and practical tips to move our families from stress to success and security.
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